Narrative Therapy

Who Might Benefit from Therapy?

Most often when people find themselves in some transition, therapy is beneficial. Examples are: leaving home for college or work or to live on one’s own; getting married; having a first child; unexpected disasters (e.g., external problems, sickness, death, etc.); children going to school; children leaving home; moving; changing jobs; and so on. In these instances, people often benefit from having someone available to ask questions, be curious and respectful, and help them see possibilities they hadn’t seen before.

What Is Narrative Therapy?

A narrative approach is one in which people are encouraged to understand their lives as stories affected by larger cultural stories (often not of their making). Sometimes problems occur because one’s experience doesn’t fit what the societal expectations are. By making visible these expectations, other possibilities become noticeable, and people can make different decisions and become more active in their own lives.

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