Workshops and Events

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Workshops in 2015

  • March 13: Ackerman Institute for the Family, New York City
    • Working with Young Adults
  • June 3-6: American Family Therapy Academy Annual Meeting, Vancouver, OR
    • Evaluating Poststructural Therapies
  • July TBA: Johns Hopkins University Summer Seminar, Baltimore
    • Narrative Therapy with Families
  • Ongoing Webinars with the Family Process Institute #FPIwebinars, previously Froma Walsh, Evan Imber-Black, and Kaethe Weingarten, looking forward to moderating Jean Malpas on 2/25 and Celia Falicov on 3/30

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Therapeutic Conversations is an ongoing gathering of narrative therapists, thinkers, and teachers, who meet to share new and interesting ideas and practices.

I have participated in each TC conference, from the inception in 1991 through 2014, including how to follow the client, seeking allies, working with young adults, therapy with couples, etc. See the TC website for ongoing information.

The American Family Therapy Academy is a group of family therapists, researchers, and authors, who are dedicated to the work of family therapy. They meet annually to present lively presentations and workshops. In 2014 Athens, GA hosted the conference and in 2015 the conference is in Vancouver, Oregon (outside of Portland).

I am involved in two ongoing Interest Groups: Narrative Therapy with Couples and Evaluating Poststructural Therapies.


Past Events

TC XI – Vancouver, May 2014
TC X – Vancouver — May 9-12, 2012
AFTA – San Francisco — June, 2014 Athens, GA
Evanston Family Therapy Center: Working with Young Adults — September 16-17, 2011
Ackerman Institute: Therapy with Couples: Working with Power and Privilege — November 11, 2011, April, 2013, April, 2014, March, 2015
Family Process Conference: Santa Fe, New Mexico — April, 2011
AFTA Annual Meeting: Baltimore, 2011; San Francisco, 2012; Chicago, 2013; Athens, 2014; Vancouver, OR 2015
Johns Hopkins Summer Seminar: Narrative Therapy with Families — Every July
Workshops in Los Angeles, California, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and Winnipeg, Canada
Working with Couples: Issues of Power and Privilege
Oaxaca, Mexico — Narrative Therapy and Community Work Conference
Workshop about Women in Their Twenties

July in Oaxaca

July in Oaxaca

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